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Bottom Line Up Front: This info will help you make more money doing something you love.

Software Money

Software Money is an annual subscription that gives you access to all of my Gumroad ebooks, plus all of this:

  • Members-only group call (Google Meet) every month - ask me anything.
  • Members-only emails that'll provide inspiration, guidance, and actionable information.
  • Direct links to the "open positions" page for companies that are actively hiring remote positions.
  • Every ebook I've published on Gumroad and every new one I publish on Gumroad in the future.
  • Coupon for 10% off of my personal coaching services.

This information will help you transform the way you think about earning money.

Is It Content, a Newsletter, a Community, or Ebooks?


I'll post content that's exclusive to SW Money, send emails now and then (but not a boring newsletter that you'll ignore), host a monthly group call where we can get together and talk trash, and give you access to every ebook I put on Gumroad.

Ebooks Included with Software Money

You're going to love these as much as everyone else has.

Links to the individual products are included so you can check out the ratings and reviews for yourself.

1. The Developers Field Guide to Getting Hired and Staying Employed

Regardless of where you are in your tech career, from new to seasoned developer, The Developers Field Guide to Getting Hired and Staying Employed will fill you with confidence and help you take your career to the next level.

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2. The Only Software Developer Roadmap You Will Ever Need

Learn the skills that will pay the bills, not the trending ones. If you focus on the skills in this roadmap, you'll be employable for life.

Why? Because you'll have the fundamentals nailed and can learn anything thrown at you.

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3. Tech Blurbs - A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

As technical professionals, we live in a scary world.

Change is a constant.

You can’t just learn to code, get a job, make fat stacks, and chill.

Layoffs are everywhere, driven by overstaffing in the 2020-2022 timeframe and productivity boosts from generative AI tools.

The antidote is to learn everything! But you can’t do that; no one can. For long-term survival, becoming an expert in a few tools allows you to apply them effectively to solve complex problems and be confident in your work.

Couple that with being aware of many languages, tools, and concepts. This knowledge broadens your perspective and helps you understand different approaches to problem-solving. Knowing what’s out there allows you to choose the right tools and techniques for the job and continuously learn.

After reading Tech Blurbs, you can confidently state that you are “familiar with” or have had “exposure to”  everything it contains.

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4. Engineering an Online Marketing System

Engineering an Online Marketing System details how to earn money online using blogs, social media, and email lists.

I detail how to use free tools to get started and scale as you grow.

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5. Freelancer Quick Start

You have skills that someone will pay you for, even if you don't have any "real world" experience.

Freelancing is a great way to get experience, so you can get jobs that require more experience!

Freelancer Quick Start is packed with actionable info that you can use to get up and running as a freelancer.

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Software Money is a private collection of ebooks, emails, and monthly group calls for those who want to surround themselves with others who are playing the game of life and racking up wins.

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Software Money

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